"For a woman, in this day and age, the importance of looking and feeling confident about themselves is very essential. With the help of makeup and hair styling, She is able to make each and every woman, of any background and ethnicity, feel beautiful in her own skin. No matter, what part of the world we are from; we all speak the language of beauty which connects us to each other."

Tanya’s passion for colours, brushes, art and creativity influenced her life’s path from a young age, winning awards in school for calligraphy and painting. Although she went on to pursue a professional degree in Information Technology and worked as a Business Consultant, she couldn’t stop herself from giving into her true creative nature. Her journey as a makeup artist began in 2013 upon graduating from one of the top makeup and hair schools in Melbourne and thereafter, working with international cosmetic companies. While there, she was able to refine her skills as an Artist and perfect her beauty techniques by working with women of all ages, ethnicities and individual style preferences. For last 5 years, she has enjoyed making women feel confident, beautiful and empowered. With a clean, elegant and modern approach, she applies her own signature style, developed over the years, to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Coming from a family of Doctors, from an early age, it's inculcated in her to apply precision, aptitude, attention to detail and good communication to every task at hand and she also considers these as essential qualities a good make-up artist should have. 

Today, Tanya is one of the highly regarded and sought after makeup & hair artists in the industry. She is best known for collaborating with her clients, meticulously interpreting their vision and customizes a look for them based on their facial structure, outfit and occasion. She works great under stressful and fast paced environments crucial for weddings, behind the scenes in fashion shows and red carpets events. Realising wedding being the most important day in woman’s life, she will provide you with the look of your dream and your bridal team looking as fabulous as the bride. She also specializes in dark skin makeup, high definition looks which are fantastic for high resolution cameras and fashion-editorial makeup.  

So, don’t wait any longer, if you have your big day coming up or anything special which needs you looking glam, give Tanya a call.